...the hottest amateur, and homemade private photos.


** 100,000 OFFICIAL VISITS DURING MARCH, 2014, per similarweb.com **

BIO: A sleaze-obsessed, Florida attorney...Cindy, F26, Beagle-lover, former cheerleader, Bisexual.

"Should you find the photo tags I use, to be offensive…bitch, slut, cunt, etc.…you may be happier elsewhere.
I use aggressive tags, within the bounds of decency."

“I truly am a compassionate person, as opposed to the bitch I feel I need to sometimes be, to survive in the tumblr world.”

"Most days, I receive 100+ emails, and do my best to reply to all."

"To my emailers…Unless you specifically request privacy, ALL emails are in the public domain…and, may possibly be re-blogged to my other tumblrs. However, I ALWAYS respect your requests for privacy."

PLEASE RE-BLOG....we BOTH gain followers.

FOR ALL WHO ASK: Currently, my tumblr contains 33 of my personal, pissing photos, anonymously scattered.

Visit my CROSSDRESS/SHEMALE TUMBLR @ crossdress-luver.tumblr.com
Visit my LESBIAN TUMBLR @ rough-around-the-edges2.tumblr.com
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This tumblr is now ranked by Similarweb.com, the global information website.

Similarweb.com estimates this tumblr received 100,000 visits, during March, 2014.


The vast majority of my followers, follow my tumblr from their dashboards.

…and rarely, if ever, click on my actual site.

As a result, their views are not included in sililarweb.com’s count of 100,000 visits to this tumblr, during March, 2014.

Similarweb.com’s quote of 100,000 visits includes non-tumblr followers, and tumblr non-followers, ONLY.

My conclusion: my true viewer count is significantly higher than similarweb’s count of 100,000 monthly visits.

…maybe a zillion.

Cindy M.


Cindy, I’ve been an avid follower for a while now - DAMN I love your blog - and I’ve come to recognize your personal pictures. You are fucking HOT. What I wouldn’t give to breathe your pussy’s aroma… Keep up the good work. — blaquenight

So, you have identified my 30+ personal photos, anonymously scattered among the thousands on this tumblr.

…it is not difficult to do, once you know the secret.

…and, apparently, you do.

Also, I cannot thank you enough for announcing to the TUMBLR world, I am as you say, “fucking HOT.”

I truly appreciate the compliment.

…and, congrats on finding my personal photos.

Hugs, Cindy M.

I WISH many would place a teeny-weeny bit more personal info on their tumblrs… at a minimum, gender and age would be nice.

What is the big, fucking secret about gender, and age???

I despise viewing another’s tumblr, and not knowing whether the content was selected by a female, or male.

the-b-train asked: Hi there :) Adam here in Aus. Love Your work. Obviously we would get on :) My wife would love you :) If you like the idea of getting to know good looking people who like to play with piss drop me a line :)

…good looking people???

I am not so shallow, as to consider another’s “looks” the be all, and end all.

Some of my hottest, kinkiest, and most enjoyable times, have been shared with others, not readily considered to be the “best looking.”

I appreciate your offer.

Cindy M.



Hey Cindy. Love your blog. My wife and I went out one night and just before we got home (very drunk) she needed to piss. So she crouched down and pulled aside her panties and was so drunk she messed it up and pissed all over her panties and shoes. I put her panties in my pocket when we got home and ended up taking them to work the next day. I spent the day sniffing her panties and with a very hard cock for most of it! If you share this on your blog please leave my name off it. Thanks, keep up the great work.

…hope you shared the panties with your co-workers.

…most popular guy in the office.


Thanx for the hot note.

Hugs, Cindy.


Have I mentioned my fetish for public, unisex restrooms???



Cindy M.