...the HOTTEST, most-addictive FETISH site, on this planet.


** 100,000 OFFICIAL VISITS DURING MARCH, 2014, per similarweb.com **

BIO: A sleaze-obsessed, Florida attorney...Cindy, F26, Beagle-lover, former cheerleader, Bisexual.

"Should you find the photo tags I use, to be offensive…bitch, slut, cunt, etc.…you may be happier elsewhere.
I use aggressive tags, within the bounds of decency."

“I truly am a compassionate person, as opposed to the bitch I feel I need to sometimes be, to survive in the tumblr world.”

"Most days, I receive 100+ emails, and do my best to reply to all."

"To my emailers…Unless you specifically request privacy, ALL emails are in the public domain…and, may possibly be re-blogged to my other tumblrs. However, I ALWAYS respect your requests for privacy."

PLEASE RE-BLOG....we BOTH gain followers.

FOR ALL WHO ASK: Currently, my tumblr contains 33 of my personal, pissing photos, anonymously scattered.

Visit my CROSSDRESS/SHEMALE TUMBLR @ crossdress-luver.tumblr.com
Visit my LESBIAN TUMBLR @ rough-around-the-edges2.tumblr.com
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This tumblr is now ranked by Similarweb.com, the global information website.

Similarweb.com estimates this tumblr received 100,000 visits, during March, 2014.


The vast majority of my followers, follow my tumblr from their dashboards.

…and rarely, if ever, click on my actual site.

As a result, their views are not included in sililarweb.com’s count of 100,000 visits to this tumblr, during March, 2014.

Similarweb.com’s quote of 100,000 visits includes non-tumblr followers, and tumblr non-followers, ONLY.

My conclusion: my true viewer count is significantly higher than similarweb’s count of 100,000 monthly visits.

…maybe a zillion.

Cindy M.


SHOUT-OUT to my biggest fans, over the past 30-days.



Have I mentioned my fetish for public, unisex restrooms???



Cindy M.

Anonymous asked: Cindy, I love your blog but some unsolicited advice for a young attorney: 2 years ago, my ex-wife got our divorce settlement thrown out by disclosing her sexual relationship with the lawyer who did our mediation. The chief judge was so pissed that she banned him from all future mediation work in family court, a HUGE financial hit to him. PLEASE: drop your career, location & age from your blogs; keep this stuff confidential & TRUST NO ONE.

I truly appreciate the unsolicited advice.

However, I am a risk-taker, and refuse to cower in fear.

I am an open person, and have always shared very personal details of my life, with others.

…and, I am quite good @ defending myself.

Thanx again for your concern.


leprechauns4life asked: Where do you get your pictures


…along with my pantyhose, and tampons.



Love your dirty blog — watersportlover69

…love your (apparently) dirty mind.

Cindy M.


Anonymous asked: Grind my face and piss all over it

…been awhile, since an anonymous troll graced our presence.


Hi Cindy :) My name is Tadhg and I just want to say of all the blogs I follow yours is my fav. So many great pics celebrating the wonderful thing that is pee! Kudos to you. — ramblingsoffrustration

I am always happy to be anyone’s favorite anything.

…whether good, or bad.

Very nice of you to send this note, and I appreciate it.

Hugs, Cindy M.


twitch4435 asked: You should do piss gifs

…and, just why is that???

Cindy M.